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Turn your media into memories

Record your old films and audio onto digitial formats
Translate technical documents from French to English
Information Systems Studies

Video Capture et Editing

Transfer of 8mm, video and audio sources
Transcription and subtitling
Editing shorts and family edits

Technical Translation

Technical translation French to English
Website Localisation
Specialised in Information Systems

Information Systems

Information Systems Studies
Evernote and collaborative tools
Information Systems Studies


Transfert Numérique

Enregistrement de vos anciens médias Super 8


Capture et Montage

Film et montage à Auray, 56400


Montage Multicam

Capture et multicam montage de spectacle

Technical Translation

Documention, Manuels, Procédures

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Traduction de documents français en anglais

We have translated the following types of documents from French to English ...

  • cahiers des charges 
  • specifications informatiques
  • procédures informatiques
  • modes d'emplois
  • annexes techniques aux contrats
  • chartes de qualité
  • fiches de données de securité

Media Memory

Data at its best.